06, Jun, 2023
Startups: 100 Best Startup Companies 2022, Jobs, Invest, Lists

Startups: 100 Best Startup Companies 2022, Jobs, Invest, Lists

IBeacon App Solution is a unique business idea that will help eatery businesses like restaurants. Solving app-related issues would become easy with the use of this mobile application. Businesses would be able to solve their technical glitches with ease with this business idea.

Appliance Repairing Services

19 Best Businesses to Start

Rebecca Michael has more than 20 years of experience writing for small business and ran her own content business. She was an early employee and content contributor at LegalZoom, specializing in educating SMBs on corporations and LLC business formations.

Lauren is an expert in starting a business. For more than 10 years, she’s taught courses to thousands of grad students and entrepreneurs. Lauren’s also coached hundreds of new business owners on formations, SMB software, and how to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

While the pandemic threw up roadblocks for employees and businesses, it also presents game-changing shifts across sectors, posing opportunities in industries that are on the road to a resurgence. Aspiring entrepreneurs now have countless tempting options for starting a low-investment, high-profit business from home.

Startups: What are the 100 Best Startups to Work for in 2022?

Winning a deal with the right startup at the right time can mean a lot more than just another customer. It can mean income for you or your business for years, as the company and your relationship with them grows.

However, achieving this objective in the past usually wasn’t very easy. For example, Harvard & Berkeley research shows you need to connect with companies ahead of your direct competition, to win significantly more of the deals.

Now, by simply activating a Fundz Pro account (just $10/month, cancel anytime), you can have unlimited access and exporting from a real-time updated database of startup fundings, with over 100,000 funded startups since 2016. This information is also integrated with important director/executive level contacts and other helpful tools & information.

In essence, Fundz Pro was built from the ground up for companies of all sizes looking for a proven edge in finding, connecting with and winning business with great startups. As you can see from the reviews, it delivers the results.

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Money Making Startup Business Ideas Index

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1. Accountant


It is one of the trendiest startup ideas that you can implement if you have a great knowledge of mathematics. Before starting this business, you must know what expertise would be expected from you and what would you like to work for, maybe for a private venture.

Work of income statements, balance sheets, and other monetary reports would be expected from you on a yearly, quarterly, and/or a monthly basis. This would all depend on the entrepreneur you get the project for.

You can also work in specialized zones like tax accounting. There are many people who are looking for professional help. This startup business idea, when accompanied by a mobile app, can do wonders. You can deliver services over an iOS and Android app to the users.

2. eCommerce Business

eCommerce Business is the most amazing startup business idea that caught up the trending list with the inception of the coronavirus pandemic. People are looking for services and products to reach their houses without any hassle. This business idea delivers an amazing experience to the users where they can get anything and everything they wish for on their doorsteps.

With more and more people looking forward to buying things online, you can become an industry leader soon with this startup idea. In this eCommerce business, you can sell your own items or ask vendors to provide their products. What is your master plan?

3. Taxi Booking Service And Solution

You can integrate maps in the mobile app to help people understand the estimated time of arrival of the driver and the estimated time for reaching their destination. You can also display the best route and expected charges to travel.

In-app payments will enhance the productivity of this mobile app, and you can kickstart your business with multiple downloads within the first week of launching with a great marketing strategy. This startup business idea is in huge demand and will be loved by people if added with end-to-end service solutions, flexibility, and easy management.

4. Car Washing Business

If you wish to become an entrepreneur without having any technical knowledge, the Car Washing Business is the best option for you. This startup business will require some people that know car washing or automated machinery.

5. Courier Services

Courier Services

A simple and efficient way of sending couriers would be appreciated by the people. How will you make your courier services different from all the other available services? Address all the difficulties people are facing with the presently available courier solutions and you would be able to become a market leader in no time.

6. Food Ordering System

This is one of the best startup ideas that you can, and you must start right away. People wish to ease their hunger with delicious food available in their areas. This all is required with no contact adhering to the new rules coronavirus is making us follow.

Some of the best features you can include are estimated time of food delivery, real-time tracking of the delivery person, and in-app payments. These features will help you increase credibility among the users. An iOS and Android mobile app will enable users to interact with the app better and find what they like with ease.

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7. Classified Business

Starting a classified ads website or app is not so difficult, making this startup business idea one of the preferred choices for you. This mobile app idea will help you empower users to buy/sell the products and services of their choice.

8. Property Business

A mobile app will allow people to list their properties, and buyers will be able to view pictures and buy properties of their choice. Here, you can add in your commission for the buyer, seller, or both, thereby earning a lot.

9. Video Editing

Video Editing

With all the craze in the minds of people of creating short and long videos, it is a great time to start a video editing app. iOS and Android mobile apps like TikTok and Instagram with their reels feature have made people fall in love with sharing small videos.

Money Making Startup Business Ideas: Conclusion

These are some of the best startup ideas you can implement in 2022. Which idea did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments section below. We have tried to cover most of the trendiest and unique business ideas that you can start. Some of the business ideas mentioned above require no or very little investment for you to start. You can also create a mobile app for all these startup ideas to create a larger and loyal user base.

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For all the business ideas you can get mobile app development done with VerveLogic. We are an iOS and Android app development company with more than ten years of experience. We deliver robust and functional mobile apps to all startups and businesses with an aim of getting 100% client satisfaction. Our team of expert mobile app developers research the market and make use of the latest tools to deliver future-ready mobile apps.



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