06, Jun, 2023
Interesting and Short Books From All Over the World

Interesting and Short Books From All Over the World

Short Books, like short stories, have to be interesting to capture the reader’s attention to the end. A boring short book can be the most annoying thing ever to read. You will feel that you have wasted time that you would have used to read a huge novel that you might have kept aside for the sake of the small one hoping to finish it rejuvenated. If you wish to introduce a friend into the world of books and possibly make them a bibliophile, then short, exciting books are the things to go for if you want to encourage them to read the next time.

Why Do People Prefer Short Books?

  • Just like its name, short books can be read within a short time, so you are likely to read the entire book.
  • The fulfillment that comes with finishing a book is excellent. Within a short time, you would have fallen in love with a character and, or despised one. Whatever feeling the book will give you, finishing it is the best kind of achievement you can ever get.
  • It motivates you to start another book. This will slowly turn you into a bibliophile, and once you become addicted to reading, you will escalate to more prominent novels that will excite you even more because of the longevity of the plot.
  • If you want to try out new genres and different authors from the ones that you have been reading, then reading short books is the way to go. You will interact with different storylines each with their twists, and that will also help you identify your favorite kind of genre.
  • It is a way of giving you a habit of reading daily. To be an avid reader, you have to start somewhere. Unless you were brought up reading books and it became part of you, then your reading culture has to be nurtured, and this can be done by progressively reading short books.

Some of the Short Books I Would Recommend for You

  • Our Souls at Night- This novel by Kent Haruf gives an account of two old aged people who came together to nurse their lonely lives. It tries to elucidate why making the most out of the life that you are living is essential.
  • Sula- Toni Morrison penned down Sula, and it brought out the theme of feminism and womanhood in broader perspectives that resonate well with any black woman who is a feminist.
  • Things Fall Apart- This is an African novel written by Chinua Achebe some years ago. Like most African novels it is such an exciting book that talks about colonialism and how much effect it has on the traditional African societies.
  • The Vegetarian- Han Kang, Winner of the Man Booker International Prize in 2016 tells a story of Yeong-Hye who, against all the odds decided to be a vegetarian in a family that is not. That raised eyebrows from her family members.
  • The Little Prince- this is one of the crème de la crème of books that have ever been written by Antoine de Saint Exupery who tells a story of a left high and dry pilot in the Sahara that meets up with a strange boy for a world not known to him.
  • Grief is the thing with Feathers- this was Max Porter’s debut novel that made his great works of literature to be recognized since he was crowned the winner of the 2016 International Dylan Thomas Prize
  • Wide Sargasso Sea- this is a prequel written by Jean Rhys who was responding to
    Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. It tells a tale of an heiress who is forced into an unhappy marriage with an English man whose name is anonymous
  • Bonjour Tristesse- Penned down by Francoise Sagan, this short book tells a story of freedom to choose whoever suits your love life and who your companion will be for a lifetime.
  • The End We Start From- Just like the title of the book states, its gist tries to describe how a family survives a downfall the thought would be a hurdle.

These are but a small fraction of the millions of small books that have been written for a long time. Any short book that has been published met the standards of the publishing house so it cannot be substandard. Unless it has been self-published, which happens a lot these days, then you shouldn’t worry about not meeting your expectations. Even so, any book that has to reach an audience has to be a great book and thoughts of a writer who has been working so hard to see their name on their book. They have to have an editor all the same so no need to vex.

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